IPL and Equipment offers great options for a sprinkler system to fit any irrigation project, from private to business and golf courses. We keep up an in-house stock at each branch so we can rapidly react to your irrigation needs.

We are a long time distributor who provides irrigation, water gardening, and drainage through a proceeding commitment to quality products, superior technical services and dedication to world-class customer service. Regardless of whether you have a large site requirement or small residential, we consistently idealize our product offering to provide quality, value, and reliable execution.

Our irrigation products are appropriate for sprinkler and or drip configuration, and land application needs. An irrigation system may seem costly at first but there are several advantages to have one. Not only you can save money by conserving water and time in the long haul but also prevent lawn disease and weeds, preserve soil structure and nutrients, while allowing gardening flexibility.  

We carry premium brands and if you require a particular product that you can’t discover in any online store, please contact us, and we will also quote you the best price!


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