Service/Parts/Pick& Delivery

Waiting for a repair or chasing all over town for parts? We know you have more things to do. IPL and Equipment will get your parts pick up from you and bring it back when the service has been finished.

At IPL and Equipment, we understand that routine maintenance is a main component of the longevity of your power equipment. A Tune-Up will save you money by avoiding repairs that are typically more costly. This includes changing the oil, sharpening the blades, inspecting tightening and/or lubricating parts.

Our expert service technicians will investigate and analyze your hardware issues, either in the field or in the shop, to get your machine in proper working condition as soon as possible.

When you require parts, you’re presumably efficiently behind the 8-ball. IPL and Equipment stocks a vast stock of the most well-known parts and embellishments.

The Parts You Need

Searching for parts can be a bother, and wasting your time can be expensive to you and your business. Being a Service/Parts/Pick & Delivery dealer for about all brands we deal gives us a great capacity to source the parts you require. That is the reason you can be certain about us to have whatever part you are searching for. We additionally convey a wide exhibit of secondary selling parts made by different brands.

Don’t have time to come to us? Don’t worry about it. We provide services/parts/picks and delivery at your doorstep.